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        STEM Careers in Irelands manufacturing & engineering industry.

        STEM Life Changing

        Think of what has been achieved by the world’s Scientists and Engineers in the past 12 months, innovating and working on solutions for the biggest crisis in modern times.

        Employees with STEM backgrounds – Science Technology Engineering and Maths have more opportunities than ever before and will be expected to solve an endless number of problems. 

        The Scientists of today have created vaccines to help put an end to the Covid-19 Crisis.  The Scientists and Engineers of tomorrow are likely to save the planet from Global Warming and maybe other unforeseen threats.

        How to make the best ‘Career Move’

        Every job seeker knows that preparing properly for an interview increases your likelihood of a successful interviewing outcome.  Simple logic. 

        Another major benefit that is often understated, is the time a job-seeking candidate loses by entering into a lengthy interviewing process with the wrong type of employer only to end up turning down an offer or worse still, starting the role and realizing it was the wrong career move a few weeks in!

        In short, if you learn as much as possible about the role, your potential new team, manager, the organization, and its future, then you are far more likely to land a great career move. 

        A Digital Audit for your Recruitment Function

        Digital Audit for Recruitment – With the globalisation of the recruitment market providing greater access for employers to meet job-seeking candidates online combined with ever-improving AI sourcing tools and automation software, creating and improving your recruitment digital strategy is a necessity in 2021, to compete for real talent.

        Technology can be complicated, implementation and adaptation of new technologies are even more so. 

        Our advice! keep it simple and start with a digital audit (data & technology assessment)

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