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        The Recruitment Process 3 Easy Proven Ways to Shorten It

        Shorten your engineering recruitment process in 3 steps
        Shorten your recruitment process in 3 steps

        The best way to lose out on top Life science, manufacturing, engineering & leadership talent is through a long recruitment process. If your recruitment process is longer than 40 days, then something needs to change. Your competitors aren’t taking this long to pull the trigger, and neither should you.

        It can be difficult to reduce the steps involved in your recruitment process. A certain “way of doing things” might have worked in the past when it was an employer’s market but that is no longer the case. Employees hold the cards now and acting fast on the right engineering personnel is crucial to growing your business.

        However, during the interview stage, hiring managers must adhere to several policies and procedures, which frequently causes the process to drag on longer than it needs to. With the ball in the court of the jobseeker, if your business takes too long to make a great offer. the likelihood that you will lose top talent to your competition increases.

        A recent study showed that nearly 50% of respondents admitted to turning down a job offer as a result of the hiring process took too long. This also shows candidates that the hiring company is not fully sure about the applicant thus causing them to withdraw from the process themselves.

        Below are three top tips to attract the right engineer for the role you are trying to fill.

        1. Rewrite your Job Description & Ads
        2. Be Realistic and Focus on Skills
        3. Invest in Quality Software

        1. Rewrite your Job Descriptions To Shorten Your Recruitment Process.

        Rewrite your job descriptions to attract top engineering talent
        Rewrite your job descriptions to attract top engineering talent

        Writing a job description might feel easy, but hiring managers struggle with it more frequently than you think. If you want to get a candidate’s attention when drafting a job description, there are a few best practices you should stick to

        1. Talk about the company culture and office workplace environment. What distinguishes your company from every other one that your ideal prospect is currently interviewing with?
        2. Utilize all that is available in both the online and offline worlds. Do not post it on just one online job board and hope that the ideal applicant will emerge from the sea of applications. For instance, you may request referrals from your staff and offer them rewards for recommending qualified people.
        3. Use your network. Let your network know that you are hiring for a specific role by using LinkedIn, events, etc. Post it on all your social media accounts.
        4. Partner with a recruiter. It’s our responsibility as a recruitment agency to quickly identify the ideal individual for your business. To be able to do that, we have established extensive networks of highly skilled professionals across all areas of expertise such as mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, life science, supply chain, and senior executive positions. To learn more about our hiring process, get in touch with us today.

        A job description is not a job advertisement. An internal job description outlines the duties the chosen individual would be expected to perform.

        The job advertisement is external and is intended to “sell” the opening by emphasizing the role’s desirable outcomes for candidates. In addition to encouraging talented people to apply, a well-written job posting will help you create your company’s brand and a solid talent pool of prospects.

        2. Be Realistic and Focus on Skills During The Recruitment Process

        Focus on the candidates skills to ensure you're getting the right hire
        Focus on the candidates skills to ensure you’re getting the right hire

        We see businesses searching for that unicorn candidate all too frequently. There will be one contender who has everything. 20 years of expertise, a postgraduate degree in a highly specialized field, applicable certificates from the sector, and work history in your industry

        When searching for the ideal individual, use caution because they frequently don’t exist and, even if they did, many of your needs can scare them away. When creating your job description, have that in mind as well.

        Consider that if someone has talent, you may develop them to become even more qualified for the job. According to our research, it’s essential to provide opportunities for growth and training as well as to ensure that employees are using their skills.

        Instead, of focusing on degrees, emphasize talents. You may access a far larger talent pool and increase diversity and retention by hiring based on skills.

        You are passing up on a far larger, more diverse talent pool if you continue to analyse CV’s and people based on whether they have a degree or attended a reputable university or college rather than concentrating on their skill sets.

        3. Invest in Software For Your Recruitment Process

        Invest in Software to speed up your recruitment process
        Invest in Software to speed up your recruitment process

        After properly posting and promoting your job description, you will begin to receive a large number of applicants. That is fantastic, but it can also be difficult to coordinate and manage.

        ATS, or applicant tracking systems, are excellent tools. Many different applicant tracking systems are available today, however, the capabilities that the majority of ATS have can assist you to speed up your hiring process are listed below:

        1. Career Page Hosting
        2. Sharing job descriptions
        3. Receiving and managing applications
        4. Storing CVs
        5. Scheduling Interviews
        6. Onboarding Programs

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